The luxe factor

Stylish and multifunctional, our ottomans add a sense of decadence to any room.

Bespoke ottomans

Ottomans, or blanket boxes, were once confined to the bedroom and were the perfect place to stash all the things we didn’t want anyone to see (we’ll leave that to your imagination).

There’s no denying they work wonderfully in the bedroom but we think it’s a crying shame to keep these fabulous pieces hidden – it’s time to liberate the ottoman and give it pride of place in the living room.

As with all our products, our ottomans are handmade, panel sawn boxes fully calico-lined to hide any ugly fixings. We use steel sprung hinges which, just like Kylie Minogue, are small but mighty. Covered in your chosen fabric and finish, and ta-dah… an eclectic piece of furniture that’s a real talking point.

Why choose us?

Show us your design and we will bring it to life. We love a challenge and we relish seeing your idea develop from a simple sketch into a unique piece of furniture you won’t find in the shops. If you can source the fabric and trimmings, we will create a masterpiece.

You see, we make pieces that are not only luxurious and practical; they tell a story and showcase personality in a way that mass manufactured furniture cannot.