Create a sense of grandeur and theatre

These ornate pieces are very much back in vogue, so go on, give an old classic a modern revamp.

Bespoke Pelmet

Frame your room in style

As with everything we make, our specialist pelmets are made with your chosen fabric and finished to your exact design, size and spec. Leave the practical stuff to us - we can adapt drop lengths, and work our way around awkward shaped windows. The real creative wizardry is the unique way we make our pelmets.

Using nifty CNC technology and a mix of old and new upholstery methods, our pelmets are not only lightweight and strong enough to hold their rigidity, but also all the ugly fixings are hidden by our exceptional tailoring. The reverse of each pelmet is as cleanly finished as the front, with no nasties on show, making for a crisp and refined look.

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on taking your bright ideas and turning them into something aspirational, luxurious and ultimately, beautiful to look at. No design is too much for us. If you can source the fabric and trimmings, we will turn it into a piece of art.

You see, we make pieces that are not only chic and multifunctional; they tell a story and showcase personality in a way that shop-brought furniture cannot.

Endless possibilities

As with all our bespoke furniture, we work with your chosen fabric, accessories, dimensions and spec to create a beautiful one-off. From a simple fascia to cover a roller blind to a more complex lambrequin (decorative, dropped pelmet to frame the window not just the curtains), we can make it.
Dealing with a curved or angled bay window? No problem. Our sophisticated, tailor-made designs are as hardworking as they are stylish. Ask us about finishes and trimmings – if it can be stuck on a pelmet, we’ll make it work!


This graphic grey and white print was given a modern makeover with a rock and roll studded finish.


Bay window-hugging pelmets are David’s speciality, as demonstrated in this super stylish floral pelmet.


An injection of colour pop to this bordered pelmet gives a sense of personality and fun to the room.

Statement lambrequin

This vibrant red and pink houndstooth print lambrequin marries style with sophistication.

Component Packs

All the essentials to upholster a piece yourself

Do you want to try your hand at making your own piece of furniture? Normally a one-off project like this would come with a hefty price tag when you consider buying in the materials alone, but our component packs are a really cost effective way of doing things. Because we buy in bulk and have the space to store a large volume of materials we can pass on our trade saving to you in the form of a custom made ‘ready-to-go’ pack. Ta-dah!

Everything you need in our custom made packs

Our Component Packs include:

  • A specific lightweight board cut to your specified shape and size
  • Machined pelmet returns
  • Foam padding cut to size
  • Velcro adhesive backing panel to neatly finish the reverse side of the pelmet